It is our desire to bring to every woman the message of how God sees her for her heart so that she can experience knowing Him in a real way. When a woman is in touch with her heart, she is able to become the woman God made her to be and experience the life she was made for her real life.

This is the life God intended for every woman, and yet where can she find it in the midst of all of the demands on her, the voices of so many and their expectations, and the sheer pace of life? It can be confusing and even frustrating to become that woman who is fully alive and who experiences the real life that God offers.  All too often, this leads to becoming disconnected  from her heart and God, eventually losing heart altogether.

We understand that dilemma and that is why we have created the Encounter as a time and a place where you can pull away, let down, and give attention to that most important thing about you –your heart.

Meet the Team

One of the best things about being on the journey of discovering your heart as a woman and experiencing the life and freedom Jesus offers is getting to know the women who come along with you for their true hearts.  Here are a few of the women who have partnered with us in bringing this message to others.

Sandy Bricken

Ever since Sandy first heard this message and began coming alive to her own heart over 20 years ago, she has enjoyed helping other women do the same.  Her real passion is seeing women discover the beauty of their own hearts. When she is not doing that, you can find her enjoying creating beauty in her own garden.  She has a thing for all things beautiful!

Lauren Tomlin

Lauren lives in Nashville, Tennessee and when she isn’t battling the deer and armadillos in her garden, she enjoys meeting with women and praying with them for healing and freedom in her study nook. Lauren is married to Chris and loves all the fun that a house full of girls brings with her daughters Ashlyn, Madi, and Elle.

Elizabeth Ausband

Elizabeth lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She and her husband, Andy, stay busy with their three teenage daughters. She enjoys exercise especially, long walks or short runs. She loves meeting women and seeing them experience true freedom in God.

Danielle Morris

Danielle (Dani) lives in Long Beach, California.  She loves the ocean and especially the beaches of Maui, where she grew up.  She has a passion for hair styling. She also loves fashion and dancing.  Dani loves seeing women discover their true selves and enjoys working as a team with her husband, Linus, who works with the men.

Stories from the Encounter

When you read these stories you will understand why we are so committed to being involved in this work. When God has met you in a real way, you love to see it happen for others too.

This Encounter has allowed me to connect with God on a completely new level. I have prayed in a way I never had, opened up to God in a powerful way, and faced the wounds I didn’t even know existed. God has opened my heart to the potential of a beautiful life of wholeness and freedom. I feel like for the first time in awhile I know what it means to care for my heart well.

I am grateful, truly. I have found my heart again and am unashamed in my calling to shine brightly. I can breathe deeply and live freely for the very first time since childhood.

God has created me to be fearless, yet tender. Gentle and kind, but a warrior in the battle for my heart with the enemy. I understand that my gentleness, grace, mercy, and tenderness do not make me weak, they make me strong and beautiful because they display the image of God.

For the first time in my Christian walk, I feel like I was led, shepherded and loved on a journey to find my broken heart, recover it, and heal it.

I don’t feel afraid of my future – I feel excited, like God has something for me. I feel free.

I’ve discovered that I’m worth fighting for because He believes I’m worthy. I am beautiful and I don’t have to be what the world and others say I am or should be, but who He created me to be is enough.

I can’t adequately write what this week has meant to me. It’s been a really hard year and a half. That very first session, and coming here, I begged God to awaken me – and boy has He! I feel alive and awake for the first time in a really long time.

I am so excited to go home and bring my restored heart to my girls and husband.

This is my favorite weekend of the entire year- hands down! My life is beginning to look like what I always dreamed it would be because of the way this ministry has taught me how to go after the freedom that Jesus is offering. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thank you so much! This encounter is my first and a specific answer to me from God. For about a year, I’ve been feeling so lost and not knowing who I am! I felt so lost, needing to emotionally connect with Jesus. Now I have HOPE and Purpose… I have a STORY… with my LOVE… Jesus. I have been so fearful and I’ve lost all adventure in my life… but my heart is excited!!! I‘m still surrendering my fears, but I KNOW God has an adventure in store for me.

Honestly, I could write a whole book on how this Encounter benefited me! Probably the most influential way has been recognizing and paying attention to my heart. Taking care of my heart had gotten lost in the shuffle and busyness of life. Also, inviting Jesus into everything in a personal and conversational way has been incredibly inspiring. This trip has been life-changing. Priceless. An incredible experience.

I’ve discovered that it isn’t “too late”. I haven’t “ruined” my chance at holiness because of my sins. God doesn’t love me for what I do, he loves me for who I am, my heart. I am worthy and precious.

My top take away that I anticipate will make a lasting difference in my life is that God is a relational, passionate, loving God.

God spoke to my heart by saying I don’t need to control my life. He’s got it. I don’t. My husband and kids are His; don’t fear for their lives. Fear… that’s what I’ve been living in.. and I don’t want that anymore!

Before the Encounter, I never really listened to God or thought He spoke to me personally. This weekend was the first time I have been able to see and hear from God as my Father in an intimate relationship.

On the Encounter, I discovered that God loves me as I am…unconditionally!! I am set FREE!

This Encounter has awakened my heart to my desires and true self. I have accepted Jesus into my heart and begun a romance with Him I never thought possible. The Encounter has given me a better understanding of myself and my husband’s story.

There are not enough lines and not enough words for me to express how much this Encounter has benefited me. I’ve rediscovered my SELF that’s been buried for too many years in despair, hopelessness, and FEAR. Jesus has spoken to my heart in ways I never dreamed possible. It is hard to believe and know that it can continue in the drudgery of life. I’m so grateful for the tools you all have been able to provide and I am so ON FIRE!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my feminine heart.

I honestly feel like a new person, woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. This Encounter has taught me how to hear from God and see Him everyday in my life. I have discovered that I am important, worthy, and loved. I have been living under a cloud that I just assumed was life. Now I know it does not have to be this way anymore.

This Encounter has completely changed my life and perspective on life. I feel again! I feel joy and it is amazing to me because I haven't felt in so long! I needed this and God brought me here for a reason! I’ll be back!

I was skeptical at the beginning that this retreat would have a significant effect on me. My heart is the most closed of anyone I know. With tears in my eyes now, I can say that this experience has brought me so much faith in God’s love for me. It's been so long since I have believed. I’ve grown cold and was feeling lost. Wondering where God was, I found Him here. This retreat awakened belief in the promise of my true home. Many, many thanks.

I have experienced more freedom in these few days than I have in my entire Christian life! I am so excited about finally walking with Christ with trust and reckless abandonment!

I came in with a cloud over my life. Every day was drudgery and I did not want to go on with it. I wanted joy again. Now, I feel a release, and know that what I believed about myself isn’t true. I feel empowered.

This weekend has opened my heart up more than I thought it could or would. I almost feel more alive than I have since I was a little girl. I owned the false beliefs I have believed about myself and the fears, and received the truth from my father, God. I feel encouraged to continue on this journey with my Father and chase after it even more.

This Encounter was so freeing. I am beautiful for my real self, not for who others want me to be, and not for who I have grown up believing myself to be. I am beautiful for exactly who God designed me to be. I am His beloved daughter.

I am amazed at the power that I feel that God is here and has made me new. This retreat and the whole message was a confirmation of his Love for me. It has also broken me out of my shell of feeling so alone. I have never felt this comfortable or safe around so many strangers. To be able to feel this way and let all of my guard down is a great and very well needed relief. Thank you!