Colorado Alumni Expedition

Breckenridge, CO
February 7-11, 2024

We are all set for the February 7th-11th, 2024 gathering of key alumni men of Adventures of the Heart to be held in Breckenridge, CO. Thank you for saying yes to this time together.

We believe it will be extremely impactful and powerful! Our time will serve as a greater chance for Kingdom Players to come together to learn, grow and spend time with Jesus. We know this time away is a commitment, and we believe God is at work in all who have been invited to attend. Personally, we are looking forward to our session times and a chance to share and dig deeper! It will also be time of some great adventures together.

Invitation Only

This is an invitation only event.  This is a private webpage and we ask that you do not share this page with others. Not all alumni have been invited to this event so we ask that you use your discretion in your conversations with others.

What is Included in the Expedition Fee

Here is what is included in the registration fee for this leaderships gathering:

  • 3 Chalets for our lodging—1 large enough to have group meetings.
  • Entire group snowmobiling together on Thursday Feb 8th.
  • 3 Vans for rented for transportation from Denver to Breckinridge.
  • Food- breakfast and lunch and dinner (food provided).

What is not included

What is not included and optional: (ie-you pay for these on your own if you choose):

  • Airfare
  • Snow Skiing / snowboarding on Friday, Feb 9 & Saturday Feb 10 – 11:am -5pm-arrange on your own.
  • Snowmobiling in small groups on Friday, Feb 9 & Saturday Feb 10 – 11:am-5pm. $180 (we will help arrange this as we get closer to the event date).

Lodging, Amenities & Activities


We have rented 3 large chalet’s – all within 8 minutes from Breckenridge ski resort.  Each luxury lodge is between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet with high end amenities and beautiful mountain views.


Each luxury chalet has a hot tub/spa, firepits, fireplaces, and a range of games like foosball, shuffleboard, pool tables, etc.  The chalet’s are only 8 minutes from the ski resort.


We will have a group snowmobiling adventure on Thursday, February 8th that is included in the Expedition fee.  There is an option to ski/snowboard or snowmobile on Friday, February 9th and Saturday, February 10th from 11am-5pm (not included in the Expedition fee).


Time of arrival and time of departure

We have arranged for 3 rental vans to transport us from the airport to the chalet.  The first van will depart from the Denver Airport on February 7th at 11am, the second at 1pm, and the third at 2:30pm.  Please arrange your arriving flight so you have enough time to catch one of these 3 van options.

We will conclude on February 11th at 9 a.m.  Please don’t book your departing flight before 2pm in order to give you ample time to travel from the chalet to your departing gate.

In order to attend each man is required to attend the Expedition from beginning to end (we are asking that men not arrive a day late or leave a day early).


We have secured 3 rental vans so we ask that you do not rent a car.

Expedition Location


Click here for the Breckenridge, CO 10 day forecast.

What to Bring



Adventure Items:

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers:

If you need to be contacted in case of an emergency the phone number is 404-718-9242.  This number can receive both calls and texts.

Let's Go!