Adventures of the Heart is about helping men learn to live from their hearts so they can live from their God given desires and passions, discover the unique call of Christ on their lives, and engage in God’s great battle of reaching people with the message of grace and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.

This mission is vital because men in our culture, including Christian men, have distanced themselves from their hearts and lost touch with their souls, their passions, their call from God, and the incredible adventure God offers. As a result, men often find themselves living out of duty, “have-to’s” and “oughts and shoulds” which leads to them feeling bored, tired, and burned out on church and the spiritual dimension of their lives. Learning to live from the heart involves men understanding their true identities in Jesus Christ, receiving God’s lavish love for them in Christ, and embracing their God-given longing for real adventure in their lives. It’s about discovering that life is a journey, and a battle, and that God invites men to ally with Him in His larger adventure of setting people free in His son Jesus Christ.

As a man learns to live from his heart he then begins to live as God intended. We want to help men answer this question: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” We believe that Jesus Christ came with that very purpose in view—to heal our hearts and set us free. (Luke 4:15-21)

Our Staff

We have a great group of real guys who have attended retreats before, and join us again to share stories of where God has taken them and what they have learned along the way. We love being on the journey together and inviting others into the adventure of real life with Him.

Reese Bricken

Reese is the founder and leader of Adventures of the Heart. After graduating from Auburn University, he served in the Navy as a Supply Officer in Hawaii for four years. He then graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and served as a pastor for 20 years in Southern California, Tampa, and Atlanta. He launched Adventures of the Heart in January 2000. He enjoys road biking, mountain biking, and any water sport, but especially enjoys kiteboarding, kitefoiling, and surfing clean waves. He is attempting to learn wingsurfing foiling and having fun giving that a go falling in the water a whole lot.  Reese lives in Panama City Beach, Florida with his wife Sandy, and they have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Linus Morris

Linus came on his first Expedition in 2005 and began to work with Adventures of the Heart in 2007. Linus is a graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego with a degree in graphic design. His favorite things to do are kitesurfing, kitefoiling, and surfing. He also enjoys fishing, jiu jitsu, the occasional round of golf and most anything outdoors. Linus lives in Long Beach, California with his wife Danielle and their three sons.

Stories from the Adventure

This is my first expedition and it was very life changing. I spoke to Jesus like I never have before and He laid so many people on my heart that need to be here for years to come.

My life will change dramatically from this weekend. I am excited to digest all my notes in the coming weeks. I will be a better father and husband as I am committed to restoring my heart and looking after my wife’s and kid’s heart.

I believe it will change my life by trusting that I am who Jesus says I am. I want to live from my good heart and not one of shame, fear and doubt. He told me that I am strong, fierce, resilient and the leader of my family. My goal is to trust in Him and not listen to the lies the enemy would have me believe.

This was a very powerful expedition for me. I heard from Jesus this week in a way that was profoundly powerful and the clarity that I have about my identity will strongly influence the path of my life.

Best week of my adult life!

On Saturday, I felt Jesus forgive me from my sexual past. I am looking forward to returning back to my wife and starting our future adventures and dreams together.

I came into this week not knowing what to expect; I have a completely different outlook on life, who I am as a man and I’m closer to Jesus. I have fully opened my heart to Jesus and now know He walks with me. While I’ve started the spiritual journey beforehand, this is what I needed to have an intimate relationship with God and myself. I’ve got the tools to live a life of masculinity.

For the first time in my life I have heard from God. There are many great messages within the 5 days, but learning to hear God’s voice has been the biggest benefit to me.

For so long I had a warped sense of what being a man was. Through this expedition I have reconnected with true masculinity. What hit me most in this message was the ‘beauty to rescue/reveal.’ Being a man means constant pursuit of my wife to offer my strength.

I have discovered that it is okay to be the man that God made me to be. It is okay to have my convictions and beliefs. I am a warrior! I have a vital role to play in this world the time I am here. I do not have to be a quiet, passive, stepped on, taken advantage of, put down, or numb. I am a friend of God. I have a voice. I have something to offer everyone I meet and know. My masculinity can be fierce, loving, loud, bold, gentle, fun and adventurous…and all of those things are great! This warrior is ready to fight.

This year’s expedition has provided the environment, space, and time to hear from Jesus in a more intimate and real way than I ever thought possible in my life. This has been my best Expedition yet and I cannot wait for next year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart with tears in my eyes. Thank you for playing your roles in the larger story so that I can play mine. It is too heartbreaking to imagine where I would be had I not been rescued by Jesus through AOTH.