Restoring Passion Marriage Event

On-Site Registration

Congratulations! You have been selected for one of the 50 places on-site at the Iron Horse Ranch for the October 19-22, 2023 Restoring Passions Marriage Event. We had 84 couples apply for the lottery. It will be an amazing time not only for your own heart and walk with Jesus but for your marriage as well. Please note five things are needed to finalize your spot at Restoring Passion.

1. Go to the green link below to complete your registration which is the waiver. Please note both husband and wife need to complete the waiver because each may have different allergies and/or medical issues.

2. The second step is to complete your payment for the event (green button below). Please note that payment is due by next Monday, January 16th, 2023 so we know for sure who is going to attend. There are 15 couples who are not on-site one of which will be moved into your spot if payment is not received by January 16th.

3. If an emergency occurs and you cannot attend the Restoring Passion Marriage Event we will refund you the full registration fee.

4. The price of the Restoring Passion Marriage Event is $1495.00.

5. The links above are only for you and your spouse and is not to be shared with friends because they may not be one of the 50 couples selected in the lottery to be on-site for the Restoring Passion marriage event.

We look forward to and incredible time together!

Reese & Sandy